Seller Leads



Q: How does this work?

A: It's easy. Sign up, and within 24 hours your ad with start running! You will start receiving leads to your email, and via SMS text.

Q: What information do I get on the leads?

A: You will get their name, phone number, email and relevant info on what ad they signed up for.

Q: Is there a contract?

A: NEVER! Cancel anytime. But please give us time to deliver leads to you and enough time for you to convert those leads. Don't give up before you start seeing the results. Real Estate is a longer sales cycle then most other industries! But the payoffs are bigger too!

Q: Where do these leads come from?

A: We advertise on your behalf on Facebook, Google, Bing, Instagram and other popular sites. We know where and how consumers are looking, and how to target the right ones for your business!