Why J.R.Heller Media?

Hey my names Josh! I am the owner here at J.R.Heller Media. 

So, your probably wondering WHY? Why does your company exist? What do you stand for? What do you believe in? And HOW can you help me? 

All great questions.  

To answer that I would like to give you a little background on me. I’ve owned over a dozen business’s since the age of 13. Not lemonade stands (although I had those too) but actual state recognized LLC’s, Corps etc. I don’t say this to brag, some worked better then others. I say this because throughout my journey, from a eBay business, to electronics, to industrial sales, to plumbing, to real estate, and more, I’ve noticed a pattern. 

Wait for it..... 

The pattern is all those business’s needed CLIENTS! It doesn’t matter what you do and what you sell. You need paying customers. I’ve also learned that what I loved most throughout all those business’s was getting those clients. Not so much the actually business’s themselves and you know what IM GOOD AT IT! 

When I set up my real estate business I needed a way to get leads. Good quality, real information leads. I started doing my research, I failed, I spent a lot of money and got no results. But soon, after a lot of investment, I learned how to succeed in getting great leads! It paid off. Soon other people took notice in what I was doing and asked ME to set up their ads for them. Eventually I was spending more time setting up marketing ads for others then selling real estate. That was a wake up call to me. 

So I’ve taken that realization and ran with it. This is my purpose, this is my goal. To help business owners develop, and grow their clientele list through digital media marketing. We want to be your partner, not another cheap trick solution you pay one month for and cancel. 

So to some up our why... 

We exist to seek out like minded individuals and create a win win relationship by becoming the marketing power house to their business. 

You focus on YOUR business. We will focus on getting clients in your door. 

Lets schedule a quick call on the calendar here: Appointment Book